Here in the gallery, you can see some of the various installations to happy customers throughout the East Kootenays.

This Kimberley renovation has begun with a new steel roof installed by the owner and soffit, fascia and eavestrough courtesy of Precise Gutters.

Eavestroughs installed on an incredible

 home at Kimberley Ski Resort.

New evestrough all around for a meadowbrook acreage home.

Below is a major renovation to a house and shop we had a part in. We clad the two buildings with contrasting steel siding elements and penny channel fir to add an organic touch. We also installed all of the soffit and fascia to both the buildings. The transformation was dramatic and it turned out fantastic to a very pleased customer.

A complete treatment of soffit, fascia and evestrough on this new build in Kimberley. 

A new build in Fernie received eavestroughs on negative pitch fascia. Notice the stylish brackets added to facilitate installation to maintain plumb eavestroughs.

Kimberley renovation.

A recent renovation of this beautiful home on Columbia Lake saw the addition of a new gutter network in grey.

Here you see a continuous seventy foot long run of eavestrough along this Creston mobile home.

Below, a cabin out at Moyie Lake receives a new deck and roof. We clad the roof eves and gables with stained cedar, added soffit under the eves and wrapped the cabin with a new evestrough network.

Another cabin at Rosen Lake (below and right) gets some much needed evestroughs to solve the muddy entrance and soil erosion problems.The owners also opted for Leaf Guard to be installed to keep the falling needles and leaves from the many surrounding trees out of the troughs. 

This is what Leaf Guard ( also called continuous hanger ) looks like installed on the evestrough and ready for mounting to the cabin. 

Precise Gutters had the opportunity to be a part of the renovations at the new Kanata Hotel in Invermere. It was a great project to be a part of and it turned out very well.

Tricky downspout routing to a funnel.

This shop in Wardner recieved a full wrap of soffit and fascia from Precise Gutters.